Professional garden design to allow you to visualise your new garden before you commit to the work
Professional garden design service

Professional garden design

No two gardens are completely the same. Even if you could find two gardens of the same size, with the same aspect, the same soil pH and structure, the two sets of owners would be highly unlikely to have the same requirements.

So whilst our portfolio of hundreds of different projects will give you a reasonable idea of how your new garden might look, a proper design is something specific to you and you only.

All of our work starts with an initial consultation. By listening to your requirements and gaining an understanding of your tastes, we will produce a garden design bespoke to you and your garden.

We will then produce an outline concept design, which is the first step towards a detailed design. Your input here is extremely valuable as this gives you a sense of ownership over what will essentially be a beautifully crafted outdoor space.

Some clients are happy to stop with the outline concept design and go no further, confident in the way the work will be approached and how the garden will look. For others, the next step is the production of a detailed outline design. This stage brings the drawn garden to life and enables you to visualise how your finished garden will look. Every detail is completed and coloured by hand.

In a planting design, every plant is hand-selected based on your preferences and our expertise, having regard to your location and garden soil type. The goal of the planting design is to create stunning combinations to ensure interest and structure all year round. The planting plan shows the layout of each of the plants along with their Latin names, quantity and any additional details.

Once the planting design is approved, we organise the purchasing, delivery, construction and attention to detail until the project is completed. In addition, we manage the use of any specialist subcontractors and Health & Safety regulations, as well as ensuring the project is completed to the agreed specification and budget. You, the client, will be kept up-to-date on developments as the project progresses.