Top quality hardwearing turf installed by professionals
Quality natural Lincolnshire turf 1m rolls

Natural grass turf, grown in Lincolnshire

We work with the best grass turf producers in the county to offer a range of quality turf types to meet your needs.

Turf is best laid any time between mid-autumn and late winter whenever the soil is not too wet or frosty. Turf laid from mid-spring to early autumn will need repeated watering.

The turf types we offer are:

  • General lawn use: Our most popular option, this turf is very hardwearing and keeps its colour all year round. Easy to maintain, it is perfect for general lawn use and amenity landscaping. The turf is comprised of six different grass species to give a perfect balance between hardwearing and beauty. Grown on a sandy loam, it is also quick rooting once laid in your garden.
  • Shaded areas: Grass, like most vegetation, needs sunlight to drive the photosynthesis process. This is why gardening in shaded or low-light areas can be a challenge. Our medium-texture, low maintenance, turf is grown using cultivars which flourish in a shaded environment. Grown for at least 18 months before harvesting, it is both drought and wear tolerant yet also keeps its colour all year round. It also requires about 50% less mowing than a conventional lawn.
  • Ornamental lawns: Over 95% of our customers have requirements that are met perfectly by our general or shaded turf types. For those who need a high quality ornamental lawn and either have, or employ, the skills to maintain it properly, we offer a luxury turf that looks exceptional but which requires regular skilled maintenance. Composed of three top-quality grass species, this turf has the visual appeal and colour retention suitable for bowling greens and golf tees as well as ornamental lawns.

If you need more information about these turf types or need help to understand which would be right for your garden, call or contact us for impartial advice and a free quote.

Laying rolls of turf on prepared and levelled ground

Full professional installation

The quickest and easiest route to a new lawn is to ask us to supply and fit your turf.

Our turf laying service covers all the preparation required, including removal of any existing grass, improving the drainage if needed, and levelling the ground, before we carefully lay your new lawn. Once complete, we also provide you with advice on how to care for your lawn in those crucial first few weeks, as well as the maintenance needed longer term. Or, if you don't have the time, you can ask us to maintain it for you. As each garden is different, call or contact us to obtain our free quote.

Pallet of turf for delivery

Turf supply service

Perhaps you already have the experience to lay turf, or only need a small amount to patch up an existing lawn. In that case, our turf supply service is an economical solution.

Our turf supply service operates within 25 miles of Grimsby. Simply call or contact us with your requirements - how much turf you need, and the grade of grass you are looking for - to obtain our free quote. We then deliver directly to you. We supply turf all year round, weather permitting. Our natural turf is supplied in 1m² rolls ready for laying.

a.Turfing experts

We have been transforming gardens since 1979 and have laid turf in well over 1000 gardens in that time. Whatever your turfing requirements, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

b.Highest standards

We are our harshest critics of our work. If something doesn't look quite right to us, we'll do it again. We want you to love our work and use us again. And again.

c.Quality aftercare

No garden is totally maintenance-free. Not only do we give every customer detailed instructions how to care for their new lawn, but we also offer an aftercare maintenance service to keep your new investment looking pristine.