Professional planting design and selection to get the most out of your garden.
Careful and sympathetic planting enhances your garden. Here is Spiked Speedwell in flower, a beautiful British rock plant.

The Art and Science of Plant Selection

If you consider yourself to not have 'green fingers' then you already know this fact: most plants won't grow just anywhere.

Because plants can be so demanding of their environment, you really need to be in tune with your garden to produce a planting scheme that will work for you.

If you choose us to help with your garden planting, the first thing we'll do is talk to you to find out what your priorities are: what are you ideally looking for? What is your ideal balance of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, grasses, fruit trees, water plants etc? Do you have pets? What budget do you have in mind? We will then examine your soil pH, soil structure, drainage and the aspect of your garden to try to match your requirements to your particular garden.

In most cases we can suggest an exciting planting design that will work with your garden and meet your requirements. Sometimes your garden just will not support what you want without a little help, and this is where we can advise you on techniques to adjust your soil pH, drainage and soil structure. We can also create areas in your garden suitable for shady plants or, with a little thought, accommodate plants that require higher light levels.

Once a planting design has been agreed, we can source all of your trees, shrubs and plants from our partner nurseries at cost-effective prices.